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Welcome to Seaside Slings! We hire out slings and cloth nappies. Have a look around at what we have available to hire. You'll be able to see what is out at the moment and when it is due back. Register on the site to be able to reserve and hire items.

Frequently Asked Questions

I find myself typing out the same things over an over again so I thought I’d make an FAQs section to save myself some time! I’ll keep adding to it as I think of more questions I get a lot!

How much is sling hire?
£3 per week.

How long can I hire a sling for?
I normally start people off with a week to see how they get on with it. Slings are a very personal preference. But most people end up extending their hire. The average is probably about 4 weeks but some people keep them longer. Sometimes I need to cap the hire period if the particular sling is in demand and others are wanting to try it (many of the most popular ones I have more than one of though).

How much is cloth nappy hire?
Newborn kits are £50 for 8 weeks (payment plans are available). Birth to potty nappies and accessories are 50p-£1 each. Most people will hire at least 5 nappies and 1 wet bag at a time but you can hire a full kit as well!

How do I pay?
Payment is done by card. I e-mail you an invoice using Square. I ask that you save your card details as this acts as your deposit and makes it easier to extend hire if needed. If you are coming to an in person session, I can take your card details and payment there.

How do I get the sling/cloth nappies I want?
Slings and nappies can be collected from my house in Tuckton. This is done via a lock box outside my house. You will be given the code when arranging hire. If you live within about 1-2 miles from me, delivery may be possible. If you live further away and can’t collect, I can arrange a courier for an extra fee.

Why can't I reserve slings and newborn cloth nappies online myself?
I have disabled the function to allow customers to reserve their own slings and newborn nappy kits on our Lend Engine site. This is for a couple of reasons:

  1. I like to talk through options with customers before hire to make sure they are getting the right item for their personal circumstances.
  2. I don't want there to be an accidental overlap in hires. For example, if I was doing a consultation with one person and told them a certain sling was available to hire and they could have it and then during that consultation someone else logged in and reserved the sling, we'd have a bit of an issue!

I hope this all makes sense and is understandable. If you'd like to reserve a specific sling or nappy kit, please just get in touch and we can discuss your options and I can get it reserved for you!

Birth to potty nappies can be reserved by you online but if you are unsure what you want/need, get it touch and I can reserve them for you.

Do you wash the slings/do I need to wash the sling I’ve hired?
All slings are quarantined for 72 hours after each hire/use. If you have a video consultation with me and then want to hire one that I’ve used myself in the consultation, you can either wait 72 hours to get it or wash it yourself before use. Please wash before returning if the sling needs it, a link to instructions are on each item on Lend Engine. Please make sure all buckles are done up before putting a sling in the washing machine.

How do I know which sling to get?
While my in person drop in library is unable to run, I am running appointment only library slots on Thursday afternoons (changing to Tuesday mornings from the 8th of September). These are free 15 minute slots. If you need more personalised time, I do one to one consultations either in person or online over Zoom. These are £10 for half an hour (depending on your needs, you may want an hour but this can be discussed). If you are pregnant or have a newborn (up to 3 months old) I run an Antenatal/Newborn Workshop. This is currently done online and costs £10 (in person it is £15 for on person or £25 for 2).

Can you show me how to back carry?
I don’t do back carry demos during library sessions. This is because it is a bit more complicated/involved and takes more time and practice. I can do a private consultation for this (£10 for half an hour). I will start my back carrying workshops again when it is safe to do so.

Can I back carry with the sling I have (or the one I hired)?
Probably. Most slings are suitable for back carries.

How/where can I buy a sling/cloth nappies?
I am starting to set up as a retailer for many of the slings and nappies I have available to hire. I am currently unable to keep any slings in stock but I can order them for you. Nappies I do have some in stock. I offer a 10% discount to people who have hired from me or attended one of my workshops. For the slings I don’t yet sell, I have a 5-10% discount for most of them from other retailers that I give to people who have hired from me.